Unibet Open to be held in Romania next February

Sometimes, poker players get stuck in a tournament without anything else to do if they bust. This won’t be the case for those that decide to participate in the Unibet Open next year. The tournament will be held in Romania and offers as a backdrop plenty of slopes for the rippers and shredders.

This will be the first-ever ski edition of the Unibet Open. It will take place from February 12-18 at the Sinaia Ski Resort and is being organized in corroboration with PokerFest Romania, Unibet’s partner in the Unibet Open Bucharest series.

According to Unibet Open’s Head of Events, Nataly Sopacuaperu, “We are incredibly excited to be holding our first Unibet Open ski edition. Winter sports poker festivals have become incredibly popular in recent years and we are delighted to be able to be visiting beautiful Sinaia to launch our exciting Unibet Open 2019 schedule.”

The Sinaia resort is called the “Pearl of the Carpathian mountains.” It is considered one of the best ski lodges in Romania and, at 77 miles north, is the closest one to Bucharest, the country’s capital. It offers just over 12 miles of slopes, 3 miles of routes and nine ski lifts. Peaks range from 2,887 to 6,899 feet, meaning there’s always a healthy supply of fresh powder and slopes for both the beginners and the extremists.

Let’s not forget about the poker. Not all of the events have been scheduled, but there will definitely be a €1,100 ($1,246) Main Event and a €2,200 ($2,492) High Roller, as well as a number of side events.

According to Sorin Constantinescu, the CEO of PokerFest, “In the age of the fast low-cost travel, the picturesque tourist destinations are rapidly gathering ground over the big cities, when it comes to poker festivals. The players have learned that poker is not only a game of cards, but also an experience. And it is this very experience which is the job of us, the organizers, to make it as pleasant and momentous as possible. The February festival in Sinaia will be exactly this: hot poker action in an old historical city and also one of the most renowned and splendid Romanian mountain resorts.”

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